Street retail pavilion. JINJI food court
Russia, Sochi
Roza Khutor

Customer: QBIK

Objective: design, selection and development of the technical concepts for creation of facilities as part of the delivered terms of reference, taking into account weather conditions, quick installation, dismantling, modularity and multiple assembly of retail pavilions.

Design: QBIK

Concept ideology: Asian cuisine food court

Implementation: design and manufacturing of retail pavilions for multiple assembly, convenient and quick installation as part of partnership under JINJI Food Court Project for QBIK, specializing in lease and sale of temporary retail pavilions for festivals, fairs, exhibitions and other public events.

Description: The retail pavilion framework envisages quick assembling and modularity Base materials: moisture-resistant plywood, oriented strand board and PVC plastic for the pavilion decoration. Heat proofing thanks to laying down the heat insulator inside the walls. Convenient construction of the PVC window for retail is decorated according to the pavilions' design concept.

The peculiarities of the project: The retail pavilions' operation envisages their street application, accounting for the pavilion's modular design and multiple assembling.