Exhibition stand. Department of Tourism of Moscow. Leisure 2016
Russia, Moscow
Expocenter, September 2016
Leisure 2016

Customer: Communication Group LBL
Exhibitor: Department of Tourism of Moscow.
Area of the stand: 200 m2
Type of the stand: Island

Objective: To create several creative concepts of the exhibition stand; to develop the brand book on the creative concept of the exhibition stand, for replication in several exhibitions in Russian and abroad (Spain, China). Development, manufacturing, and construction of the exhibition stand at the customer's design and technical support in Russia.

Design: Global Events

Ideology of the exhibition stand concept: non-standard, hi-tech, open, modern, stylish design of the exhibition stand, while easily identifiable and giving direct associations with Russia and, first of all, Moscow.

Implementation: development of the creative design concept in several versions, design, manufacturing and development of the turnkey exhibition stand, delivery and connection of video and audio equipment, lighting and sound equipment, assembling/ dismantling of the exhibition stand, technical support to the exhibition during the event. Manufacturing of 3D wall and floor logos.

Description: The exhibition stand represented an open space for negotiations between activity operators in Moscow and the visitors. The open negotiation area of the exhibition stand enabled to place 37 operators. The facilities - premises with built-in seamless screens making a large video wall - were located on the opposite sides of the exhibition stand. The open area of the exhibition stand envisaged the space for master classes and presentations. The open negotiation area for operators and the presentation area at the exhibition stand are separated by 3D floor letters of Moscow, in Russian and in English. The closed premises of the exhibition stand envisage: the auxiliary room, VIP negotiation room, a premise for holographic installation.

The peculiarities of the project: detailed space layout at the exhibition stand, to accommodate as many operators as possible. Natural cork coating simulating granite walls contributed to the real perception of the exhibition display. The floor and the walls are lined with voluminous panels with brickwork. The color concepts for Moscow logo have been reworked as part of the exhibition stand design. Exclusive bar tables that allow for the most ergonomic accommodation of the maximum number of the exhibition stand visitors and participants have been designed and manufactured. A box with a holographic installation, which presents tourist activities in Moscow, have been implemented.

Implementation term: 6 weeks.