Exhibition stand. ARMY 2016. KRAFTWAY.
town of Kubinka, Moscow Region, Russia
Patriot Exhibition Center, september 2016
ARMY 2016

Customer: Kraftway Corporation PLC
Exhibitor: KRAFTWAY
Area of the stand: 15 sq.m.
Type of the stand: Linear

Objective: to develop the exhibition stand design for standard construction. The exhibition stand should be easily identifiable and catch the eye, be convenient for the exhibitor and the exhibition visitors and be very economical.

Design: Global Events

Implementation: exhibition stand design, manufacturing and turnkey construction, furniture lease, decorative and graphic stand design, technical support to the exhibition display during the event

Description of the stand: the stand is an open space, with a window for the equipment display and the podium for exhibits (upper side: laminated chipboard tabletop, with printing on PVC on the frontal side); equipped with floor booklet holders

The peculiarities of the project: Exhibition stand walls are made of filled-in structural elements; with octopus panels on the rear wall; the external walls are chipboard/MDF boxes. The flooring (except for podium) is of light grey industrial carpet. Kraftway logo is Oracal plotter cutting. Graphic elements: UF-printed banner (3000 mm х 3000 mm), printed on the film, with roll-up to octopus panels; printing on PVC is installed on magnets, direct print on PVC

Project implementation term: 5 days.