Exhibition stand. BelTechExport. ARMY 2016.
Russia, Moscow region, Kubinka
IEC "Patriot", September 2016
ARMY 2016

Customer: BelTechExport
Exhibitor: BelTechExport
Area of the stand: 154 m2
Type of the stand:  Island

Objective: develop a futuristic design of the stand that most favorably reflects the high technological level of weapons and unmanned vehicles of the Republic of Belarus. To organize a convenient exhibition space for demonstration of various exhibits, to equip the stand with display cases and shelves, as well as a large number of plasma panels for demonstrating video and graphic materials of the customer, the negotiation zone divided into open and closed for VIP negotiations.

Design: Global Events

Implementation: development of design, exhibition stand design, production and turnkey construction, provision and connection of video and audio equipment, rental and production of furniture, the production of showcases, decorative and graphic design of the stand, technical support of the exhibition during the event, floristic design of the stand.

Description of the stand: The stand is distinguished by a futuristic design, the suspension is made in the form of a turbine of a combat aircraft of the future. The stand is equipped with a large number of video equipment: a seamless wall of Cristie panels of 55 inches 6 pcs in the open bargaining zone, four 42-inch monitors, three touch screen 21 inch monitors and 42-inch LCD panels are separately located in the VIP meeting room. There are 4 stand-alone reception desks in a different design on the stand.

The peculiarities of the project: Simulation of the suspended structure due to the use of columns allowed to implement the approved design project with minimal adjustments in the absence of the technical capacity of the IEC to provide the suspension points. The front walls of the stand from the chipboard/MDF boxes are finished with glossy white polystyrene. The floor covering is white glossy. The end illumination is LED, contrasting, tinted green. The decoration of the turbine is a metal frame made from an aluminum profile, decorated with a mirror film, a supplex fabric, LED lighting. To the power structure of the frieze are suspended two models of the customer's drones.

Project implementation term: 30 days.