Exhibition stand. ММАС 2016. Avtopanorama.
Russia, Moscow
Crocus Expo IEC, August 2016
ММАС 2016

Customer:  Autopanorama
Exhibitor:  Autopanorama
Area of the stand: 176 m2
Type of the stand:  Island

Objective: design, development, production and construction of an exhibition reusable, collapsible stand and technical support during the event. Organize an open exhibition space for communication with a large number of visitors. Consider the need for a free space for arrangement of man-height figures and other possible installations. Provide rental equipment - furniture, stands for promotional materials.

Design: Global Events

Ideology of the exhibition stand concept: to develop a stand design with a large open space and the ability to widely present printed products. To draw attention of visitors due to simplicity of registration and catchy slogans and logos, broadcasts on a video wall.

Implementation: The design is designed for quick and reusable assembly provided it is compact and light. The open meeting room has a large area. A closed utility room can serve as a radio room and a microphone room.

Description of the stand: The stand has a large open space and can be seen from different sides; broadcast on a seamless video wall (Christie 55 seamless panels) is visible from three sides of the stand, due to two columns located on each side of the screen, the purity of the programs sound is achieved; on the rental stands zig-zag it is possible to arrange a large number of printed products; graphics can be changed, printed on the large-format wide-format UV printer Global Events; the stand is well illuminated by means of a suspension - a fixture with 16 metal halide lamps and the same number of fixtures on the walls.

The peculiarities of the project: stand design - profile Sodem System, a banner with a print without seams, volumetric logos. The concept design of the stand is based on a monochrome graphic image, which very successfully contrasts with the bright logos of the exhibitor.

Project implementation term: 30 days