Exhibition stand. SPIEF 2016. NAIP Belarus.
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Expoforum, 16-18 june 2016
SPIEF 2016

Customer: National Investment and Privatization Agency (NIPA). Belarus.
Exhibitor: National Investment and Privatization Agency (NIPA). Belarus.
Area of the stand: 50 m2
Type of the stand:  Angular

Objective: Design of the exhibition stand, development, design, production, construction, installation, dismantling of the exhibition stand. Develop an entirely new modern design of the exhibition stand, which differs from the color scheme of the flag of the Republic. In a small area, organize a convenient exhibition space for exhibitors: carrying out of negotiations and presentations of projects, communication with visitors, demonstration of video and graphic materials of the customer, tasting of dishes of national cuisine and products of the region.

Design: Global Events

Ideology of the exhibition stand concept: The exhibition stand must be modern and stylish and technologically advanced.

Implementation: design of the exhibition stand, production and turnkey construction, provision and connection of video and audio equipment, furniture rental, creation of graphic models, printing of banners, slogans, logos, technical support of the exhibition during the event, floristic design of the stand.

Description of the stand: The stand is distinguished by a stylish modern design due to the use of furniture plastic HPL colors metallic-aluminum and black glossy colors. Video series of seamless panels seamlessly fits into the architecture of the stand. Separately located 60-inch monitor with the ability to work with external cameras and control through a tablet. The reception is equipped with two touch screen monitors and decorated with traditional floristry for Belarus. A small comfortable meeting room is equipped with furniture in classic black and white colors and a 42-inch monitor.

The peculiarities of the project: A convenient reception desk has been developed that combines the function of a greeting zone and the demonstration of projects on touchscreen screens. In view of the fact that the stand demonstrated the achievements of several large successful companies-projects and the country's achievements in a fairly compact exhibition exposition, a number of screens are provided, including the Heshprinter to attract the attention of guests.

Project implementation term: 18 days