Exhibition stand. SPIEF 2016. BUD | ADV.
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Expoforum, 16-18 june 2016
SPIEF 2016

Customer: ADV Group
Exhibitor: AB InBev / BUD
Area of the stand: 90m2
Type of the stand:  Island

Objective: design and construction of the exhibition stand in accordance with the customer's design project, equipping the stand with video panels and rental equipment, installation of the customer's kinekt system; the production of collapsible logos, graphic posters and light boxes.

Design: AB InBev / ADV Group

Ideology of the exhibition stand concept: The stand must be sufficiently visible and recognizable, the communication zone for all visitors to the economic forum.

Implementation: design of the exhibition stand, production and building on a turn-key basis, provision and connection of video and audio equipment, rental of furniture, preparation of graphic layouts, printing graphics, slogans, logos, technical support of the exhibition during the event.

Description of the stand: consists of two parts - a bar and a stadium with an artificial lawn. Two stand-alone exhibition stands with an area of 65 m2 and 25m2. The rostrums and open meeting rooms at the bar are decorated in red tones. The outside wall is equipped with a video wall with a Kinect system. Two separate video panels 55 in the open meeting room - a bar. In the closed meeting room, reinforced noise insulation is organized.

The peculiarities of the project: The tribune for fans with several tiers for visitors was recreated, executed on the basis of the frame of the exhibition system SodemSystem and sheathed by the chipboard.

Project implementation term: 28 days