Exhibition stand. MosBuild 2016. Villeroy&Boch.
Russia, Moscow
Expocentre, 5-8 april 2016
MosBuild 2016

Customer: Villeroy&Boch AG
Exhibitor: Villeroy&Boch AG
Area of the stand: 203 m2
Type of the stand:  Island

Objective:design of the exhibition stand, production, building, installation, dismantling of the exhibition stand

Design: Villeroy&Boch Trade Fairs, Mettlach, Germany

Ideology of the exhibition stand concept: comfortable space for visitors to the exhibition with a visual presentation of the company's products.

Design the stand in full accordance with the customer's design project; Adapt the design project to the requirements for building a stand on a specific site; Installation of equipment and hanging out exhibits; decoration of interiors and selection of accessories for the exhibition, floristic design of the stand.

Implementation: design, production and development of the exhibition stand on a turn-key basis, decorative design of the exposition (floristics, accessories), furniture rental, technical support of the exhibition, logos, graphic posters, light boxes.

Description of the stand: design of the stand assumes clear zoning of the exposition, each part with its unique design and history, in which the products of the company are harmoniously presented. Branding of the stand is achieved due to graphic posters with illumination and light boxes on the pylons and walls of the exhibition stand. The stand is equipped with three closed and two open conversation rooms, a reception area and utility rooms, and a special ramp for wheelchairs.

The peculiarities of the project: The walls of the exhibition stand are made of MDF and Plywood box, five separate suspended structures and boxes with interiors representing the company's products. Floors and walls in the showcases are tiled with Villeroy&Boch. Floor cover: tiles, carpet, the difference between the various floor coverings is completely leveled. Shower cabins and other sanitary equipment are installed in the floor. Most of the walls are also covered with an exclusive tile of the exhibitor Villeroy&Boch. Manufactured and installed light boxes - 8 pieces, as well as paintings and graphics on the walls. For each demonstration box, it has its own unique interior - furniture, accessories and phytocompositions have been selected.

Project implementation term: 26 days