Exhibition stand for United Grain Company SPIEF 2015
Russia, St. Petersburg
Lenexpo, June 2015
SPIEF 2015

Exhibition stand for United Grain Company. The area 100 m2, height is 7,5 м.

Customer: United Grain Company

Exhibitor: United Grain Company

The task: design and construction of the exhibition booth and its technical support during the exhibition.

Design: Global Events

The implementation: design, production and construction of the exhibition booth on turnkey terms, provision of a video and audio equipment and its connection, development and animation of the video clip and creation of graphic layouts, technical support of the booth during the exhibition.

The exhibition booth features:
The booth was decorated using natural materials (grains in glass flasks) to attract visitors to the booth. Also used was flavored aroma to stimulate effect of fresh bread. Bright layouts were designed and animated to graphically show the scope of the company's activities. The design of the suspension was done with glowing elements. Special attention was paid to a decorative map, which displayed the geographic reach of the activities of the company.

The exhibition booth description: The booth frame is a video wall consisting of seamless video screens. An open section of the booth encloses a conference area, a greeting area and an interactive area for company presentation. A closed section of the booth encloses small technical zones for the personnel and a VIP meeting room.