«Khamovniki Bar». Vnukovo International Airport

Russia, Moscow

October 2014

«Vnukovo» International Airport, 2nd floor, Departure area (6*6 m2); Domestic departures, Sterile area (6*6 m2)


Point of Sale and Merchandising Solution: 2 pcs. Khamovniki Bar, 36 sq.m., island

Intermediary/Project owner: Index-Т

Customer: Moscow brewing company – Russian brewing and distribution company Khamovniki

Manufacture of the bar counter (2 pcs) as per approved design
Project adaptation (structural rigidity condition, safety arrangement, material features, and requirements of the airport)
Project engineering, delivery, step by step assembly, electrical installation and rigging
Power load calculation for the bar counter
Development of Production Project and Electrical Design Project
Certification of Materials and Components
Installation and setup of Customer equipment

Design: Dutch Design House (branding agency)

Description/Project features:
Front elevation: MDF, decorative laminate HPL (wood texture), green colour HPL. Logotypes (Oracal vynil) are placed on each side of the bar structure. LED light along the perimeter of the structure. Anti-vandal base for feet extended over the basic structure – chrome tube. Anti vandal decorative finishing of the base of the counter along the perimeter – inox tube. Enforcement of basic structure - plywood.
Interior: laminated chipboard (Toronto Oak). Connection to the fuse box.
Bar counter: seamless, glossy, precast stone LG HI MACS. Assembly of product displays.
Countertop: glossy waterproof laminated chipboard. Installation and connection of set-in sink, beer tower (2 pcs.), cash operating unit, microwave, coffee machine.
Entrance area: double swing door decorated with aluminium L-bar. Steel tube, plywood, MDF, HPL (wood texture).
Fascia support beam: MDF, HPL (wood texture).
Fascia decorative support beams: round chrome tube.
Fascia: decorative multi level element of unusual irregular shape. Welded structure, plywood, MDF, HPL (wood texture). Fascia edges – lightbox (acrylic with print, LED strip). Mounting of 1st and 2nd layers: round chrome tube. Recessed lighting fixture (1 level) for lighting.
Logo: 3-layer logo with lightbox in 1st and 3d layers. MDF, bent plywood, PVC with print, milky acrylic, LED strip.
Central counter (island): MDF, laminated chipboard, HPL (wood texture). Bottom part of the counter – install of the freezing table, recessed shelving with doors for storage of equipment. Upper part with LED backlight (LED strip) from three sides – for exhibiting new tastes of beer. Install and setup of convection heater and TV (2 pcs.)

Lead time – 8 weeks (05.09.2014 – 31.10.2014): 3-project engineering; 1-procurement; 2-manufacture,1- assembly (departure area), 1-assembly (sterile area).