Exhibition stand Izolyatsionniy Trubniy Zavod, Metal-Expo 2014 Russia, Moscow All-Russia Exhibition Centre, November 11-14, 2014

Exhibitor: Izolyatsionniy Trubniy Zavod Ltd.  (Pipe Coating Plant)

Objective: To develop design and provide buildup of the exhibition stand according to technical description. To organize comfortable exhibition space for stand assistants, for holding negotiations, meeting stand visitors, presenting exhibitor's video materials and graphics and exhibits demonstrations.

Ideology of the concept: Interesting and original shape of the stand imitating exhibitor's products, pipes and insulation.

Design: Global Events

Realization: Turn-key exhibition solution including design, manufacture, and buildup of the exhibition stand, graphic decoration, rental and install of video equipment.

Stand description: The main feature of the stand is its central element accommodating closed meeting room and technical room. Relatively small open-space meeting area is separated from the entrances by transparent partitions. Since stand configuration is an island one, there are two identical reception counters symmetrically placed along the opposite sides of the stand. The walls are decorated with backlit map and seamless video wall. The ribbon-line element above the main stand element serves decorative purpose. Stand branding and its identification is guaranteed by round suspended element raised to 6 meters. The exhibitor’s corporate colour scheme is actively used in overall stand design.

Lead time – 5 weeks