Exhibition stand. KMZ. Lift Expo Russia 2013
Russia, Moscow
International Exhibition Centre MosExpo, June 2013
Lift Expo Russia

The stand for Karacharovsky Mechanicheskij Zavod KMZ, the area is 96 sq.m, the island

Objective: To show to the best advantages a product – passenger elevators, wells.

Ideology of the concept: According to industrial specifics of exhibits, particularly the lift cabins, the most actual decision, was to place lift cabins in a chipboard frame and make an additional decoration of construction to create installation of the lift hall of a business center premium class.

The main idea of the stand – autonomous emergency evacuation of passengers of the elevator, is demonstrated in electro-technical part of the stand. The system of evacuation is connected to lighting system of the stand. Illumination of the stand imitates unexpected power cut, disconnecting one after another all lighting installations of the the stand for demonstration of functionality of emergency system.

Design: Global Events

Integration a well into an exposition of the stand in collaboration with technical specialists of the customer.

Realization: Turnkey exhibition solution including buildup, decoration, AV, technical maintenance at the exhibition stand during the exhibition. Exhibition stand was made on the basis of wooden framing (chipboard), LED backlighting; the well is covered by tinted acryl.

Laminate is used as finishing material on the, backlighting of face of a podium is blue. The reception zone –MDF with white paint; backlighting on perimeter of an acrylic part on frontal side. Reception zone have 4 comfortable work stations. The central element of an exposition is the well more than 7 600 meters high. The well was covered by tinted acryl and equipped internal backlighting for harmonious integration in the general concept of the stand . It’s give the possibility to regulate a transparency of the well.