Exhibition stand. RSC ENERGIA. MAKS 2013
Russia, Zhukovsky, Moscow Region
International Aviation and Space Salon, August 2013
MAKS 2013

Exhibition stand for RSC Energia, 180 sq.m., peninsula

Customer: Astra Design / RSC Energia

Objective: To produce construction drawings and install exhibition stand designed by the customer Astra Design for RSC Energia. To provide exhibition space for numerous exhibits of the RSC Energia while sticking to the main concept of the design.

Ideology of the concept: To demonstrate exhibits and innovative achievements of the company.

Design: Astra Design – Vladimir Pirozhkov

Realization: Turnkey exhibition solution including buildup, decoration, AV, technical maintenance at the exhibition stand during the exhibition.

Features of the project: The stand incorporates several zones: reception counter, closed meeting zone, back office, cafe, and cloakroom. In order to place heavyweight exhibits (suspended vehicle “Soyuz” is 3 m high, ISS’ mass is 15 kg) special strengthened structural elements were designed and manufactured.

Raised floor/vehicle podium – metal frame, MDF, chipboard, plywood, chrome railing.

Flooring: CNC-milled laminated chipboard with vinyl cut-out elements

Lead time including approval and realization – 50 days