Exhibition stand. ANZA. MosBuild 2013

Russia, Moscow

IEC "Expocentre", April 2013

MosBuild 2013


Booth for ANZA, 66 sq. m., corner

Features of the project: the main part of the booth area is under the showcases with product samples as well as the painter's area which designed to demonstrate the advantages of the products. In the open part of exposition is equipped with the meeting area - table , chairs, plasma, desk reseption.

The materials and equipment were used: boxes made of MDF under the painting, exhibition podium, laminate, acryl for light boxes. 
Features of exposition: butt-end showcases with glass half-filled with sand is the main decorative element of the booth and the way of presentation of products of the company.

Complex of services includes:
- design and engineering calculations
- production of booth, showcases, demonstration equipment
- furniture rental
- delivery of the elements of the booth at the venue of the event
- installation/ dismantling of the stand
- organization of the work of the booth during the event (cleaning, duty technicians, electricians)

Lead time: 21 days for design, engineering, manufacture and installation.

Team: designers, engineers, 2 manager-coordinator, construction designers, production stuff, professional team of installers.