Exhibition stand. Turbonasos. PCVExpo 2012

Russia, Moscow

IEC "Expocentre", October 2012

"PCVExpo 2012"


Booth for OJSC "Turbonasos"

Features of the project: All of the stand organically "transition" into one another, giving the impression of lightness and agility. Careful study of manufacturing technology (metal frame - welded prefabricated, MDF, plastic). Two decorative element rotating at different levels: one is integrated into the front side reception, the other - in a dynamic suspension, as a huge fan turbine. In dynamic rotating elements used asynchronous motor. Negotiating areas are separated from the general area the booth walls of matt acrylic.

Lead time: 3 weeks.

Team: designers, engineers, 2 managers-coordinators, construction designers, production staff, professional team of installers - 7 people.