Exhibition stand. Bogh-Art. Salon of Fine Arts 2012

Bogh-Art, booth area - 55 sq.m., corner

Russia, Mocow, IEC “Expocentre”,  14-18 December 2012

VI Moscow International Salon of Fine Arts

Booth for jewelry house "Bogh-Art"

Complex of the services included:

- project, design and engineering estimates;

- manufacture of the booth, showcase with light box, furniture;

- leasing of furniture;

- high quality of photoofset printing (plastification);

- delivery booth elements to venue event;

- installation/takedown of the booth;

- organization of booth operation (cleaning, duty of technical specialists and electricians).

Features of the projects: all exhibition elements prepared with exeptional attantion to detail and aesthetics of interior which fit into the finished booth frame (wall colouring, instalation of partitions, podium laing, stretching of ceiling, connection to the electrician)

15 showcase were made for project with the base - acrylic light box, the effect of violet light was achived due to the colour filters. The grafic panels were made from dibond on system plastification to ensure a realistic image of high quality.

Lead time: 14 days

Team:  a designers, an engineers, a manager - coordinator, a construction designer, production staff, professional team of installers - 8 people.