Let there be light Russia, Moscow,
the Cathedral of Christ the Savior,
30 April 2005.

“Let there be light”: dynamic slide projection on the facade of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Easter celebration.

Features of the project: This event is the first projection show in Russia and in Moscow, where the technology of dynamic slide projection is used. The main advantage of such technology is independence of the choice of surface for image projection. 16 slide projectors PIGI are used in the show. The project is implemented by “Media Arts” holding in collaboration with ETC Russia. Sound is specially recorded by choir of St. Andrew’s monastery. The content of the project is developed by Archpriest Boris Danilenko, the director of the Synodal Library of Moscow Patriarchate.

Lead time: Installation and configuration of equipment - 2 weeks before the event, the content – 2 months before the event.

Team: 3D and 2D designers, project manager, technical staff.