Alfa-Show 4D Russia, Moscow, MSU,
4 September 2011.

“Alfa-Show 4D”, Moscow day celebration. Video projection on the facade of the main building of MSU.

Features of the project: At the moment this is the most ambitious and unprecedented event in Moscow, which is visited by more than 800,000 spectators. 81 video projector Christie S +20 K / 25K / 30K is used in the show. The area of illumination of MSU facade - 25,500 square feet - has helped the Show to get into the Guinness Book of Records. Director of the show is David Atkins. The tower is conquered by Alain Robert known as Spider-Man. 3D mapping is used along with light, pyrotechnics and other effects show programs (balloons, artificial snow, etc.).

Lead time: Installation and configuration of equipment -  3 weeks before the event, the content - 2 months before the event.

Team: 3D and 2D designers, project manager, technical staff.