Exhibition stand. Sberbank of Russia. SPIEF 2008 Russia, St. Petersburg,
Exhibition Center "Lenexpo", June 2008.
XII SPIEF (St. Petersburg International Economic Forum).

Booth for OJSC “Sberbank of Russia" (engineering design layout, design, manufacture, delivery, installation and utility hook up).

Features of the project: the booth is constructed on the basis of farms, interconnected by individual angles. Floor covering is made of paving stone blocks. The central part represents “public transport stop of the future” and has a curved roof – imitation of solar panels. Real innovative wind mills are made for the “public transport stop”. Coins of “face value” 10 thousand dollars are hung up on the booth. We put a living tree in a steel flask of unique design. The hatch, with real grass growing out of it, reproduces the logo of Sberbank. Video projection is performed onto the wall.

Lead time: 14 days.

Team: designers, engineers, managers, 4 coordinators, construction designers, production staff, professional team of installers - 20 people.